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Stroke of Brilliance: 3 Ways Painting Promotes Health

Are you a beginner, intermediate or expert artist? You’re in luck. Regardless of skill level, here are 3 ways that painting promotes health.

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There are more benefits to painting and art than creating beautiful works. Painting and drawing promote health and relaxation for the body and the brain.

Studies on different populations have found a wide expanse of benefits. Any form of creative expression has health benefits, but painting especially.

Painting as a form of relaxation is available to everyone. Depending on the materials you choose, it can be accessible to lower budgets.

The perks of taking time to relax outweigh the long-term costs of stress. One thing is for sure, painting promotes health for everybody.

You don’t need to be a professional artist to reap the benefits.

How Painting Promotes Health

In this article we’re going to look at three ways picking up a paintbrush can help you stay healthy.

Science has found that painting can literally help you live longer, forget less, and be happier.

These benefits all have to do with the way the brain works, so read on!

Painting Boosts Memory

When it comes to a well functioning brain, all sections of the brain need attention.

Painting uses the creative centers of your brain. This can activate mental images of things long forgotten. Painting boosts creativity (see below) that can help people express emotions they’d forgotten.

When you paint, you visualize what you want to make. Holding this image in your mind is a memory exercise.

Painting can lower your chances of memory issues and promote health in old age.

Painting Increases Creativity

Painting can save your life. We’re not kidding. Findings show that people who are creative throughout their lives live longer.

The study found that the reason behind creativity and longevity is stress management.

People who are creative can come up with more solutions to problems. This gets problems solved more quickly so they cause less stress.

Creativity also promotes health through keeping brain pathways active. When you revisit memories or images, that strengthens pathways.

An active brain is a healthy brain!

Painting & Emotions

There are two different ways that painting can help with emotions.

Painting can decrease stress and promote a positive attitude. Findings show that painting increases your positive attitude for the rest of the day. Should we all start our days with painting then? Yes!

As if that wasn’t enough, theres another way painting promotes health. Painting increases emotional intelligence.

This is because when people paint, emotions get expressed via colors and shapes.

If the painter is paying attention they can learn what images show certain emotions.

Imagine going into a painting session without a plan. Take a look at the colors you’re choosing. These colors can be indicative of the emotions you’re feeling.

Even identifying your negative emotions without any other interaction can help them heal.

What are You Waiting For?

The combination of healing negative emotions and promoting positive attitude? Powerful!

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t painted since kindergarten. These health benefits will work for anyone.

To get started, you’ll need some supplies. We offer reviews of the best acrylic paints and oil paint sets. Don’t miss out, start painting your way to better health today!