Creative Inspiration: 5 Places Your Light Bulb Will Go Off

Are you a a creative person who wants to find the environment for your best work? Here are 5 places you can go to get your light bulb to go off.

inspiration light bulb

Tapping into your creativity isn’t always simple.

For some, inspiration comes easy and for others – not so much. Getting your light bulb to go off at will would be ideal, but this just isn’t so for the lot of us.

Writers, artists, photographers, architects and designers use their creativity daily, and even they sometimes struggle. So you can imagine how difficult it can be for someone who isn’t used to stimulating their creative juices.

In fact, 75% of people feel like they’re not living up to their creative potential. So you’re definitely not alone.

Learning to find inspiration is essential whether you’re a creative expert or someone who uses their creativity sparingly.

The following are some ideas to help you find ways to inspire yourself to your next masterpiece.

Disconnect from the World

Your smartphone, tablet, laptop and even television are all great for one thing – distracting you. The more distracted you are, the harder it will be to zone in (or out) on what you’re working on. You need to turn off these devices and refrain from checking them for messages and alerts.

While you’re at it, you should sit in a room or outside space that is relaxing. This way, your thoughts can flow freely without interruption.

Expose Yourself to New Genres and Styles

This can work for whatever industry you’re in. If you’re a musician, try listening to different styles. Sometimes, this can help you come up with something unique in your next composition. Writers can do the same by reading different authors and genres.

The biggest mistake you can make is confining yourself to one particular way of doing things. Venture onto the unbeaten path to see what you’ll find!

Get Up and Get Moving

Not everyone can strike up inspiration just by sitting in a quiet room. If this draws a blank for you, try doing something active. For some people, taking a hike in the woods, joining a yoga class or taking a swim can be inspiration enough.

There’s something about getting your blood rushing that seems to draw in more ideas.

Go to Sleep

Sure, this sounds counterproductive, but it can help. Sleeping can work if you’ve been up all night wracking your brain for ideas. And it can work for those who sometimes dream dreams that are odd, yet inspiring.

Either way, you may wake up with new concepts to give your work the jolt it needs.

Talk to the Stranger at the Park

Or anywhere else you can find interesting people. Coffee shops, restaurants, libraries and even your place of worship can be excellent places to find strangers with stories.

You don’t have to be a writer or artist to get inspired by the thought patterns and history of the strangers you talk to. Something as simple as a phrase or event can strike up emotions that lead to your light bulb going off.

Keep Trying to Turn On Your Light Bulb

You want to stay within the 25% who feel they’re using the full potential of their creativity. One way to do this is to continue creating. It’s believed that your creativity fades away once you stop using it.

This is why How to Create Art strives to help artists stay true to their art. By giving them the information they need to continue practicing their creativity.

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