Art Galleries in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Victoria, British Columbia, is a beautiful city located on the shores of Vancouver Island. This city boasts one of the mildest climates in Canada. This is due to its southern location relative to some of the other cities in Canada, and its proximity the protected waters of the Haro Straight. In fact it is one of the only places in Canada that you will see palm trees growing outside. Victoria also possesses a wonderful british charm. The area around the Harbor contains the historic Empress Hotel and the British Columbia Parliament buildings. These reasons, combined with the fact that it is next to the Pacific Ocean (which means ample opportunities for whale watching, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing) means that Victoria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada. It also has a rich cultural scene that includes museums, historical sites, restaurants, cafes, and pubs. To top it all off Victory contains many art galleries that cater to the tourists as well as the native residents of this city. Below is a list of some of the most well know galleries.

The beautiful city of Victoria. Shown in this picture is the British Columbia Parliament Building.

Madrona Gallery

The Madrona Gallery carries the work of several contemporary artists. It also buys and sells historical art pieces from the likes of artists like Emily Carr. They also have a collection of Inuit art for sale. Much of the work that they exhibit, especially the contemporary paintings, share a subdued earthy coloration that would look great in a west coast home. Many of the paintings are traditional landscape or figurative works, with some exploring more modern approaches to representation. The gallery is located on View Street, just a block and a half west of Douglas Street.

West End Gallery

The West End Gallery has locations in both Victoria and Edmonton. Like their Edmonton sibling, this gallery exhibits a range of artistic styles. Some of the media exhibited includes painting, sculpture, and glass. Artist like Gordon Lewis and W.H. Webb create representational paintings of beautiful outdoor scenes, while Irena Gendelman creates whimsical and textured pieces of dancers and city-scapes.

Avenue Gallery

The Avenue Gallery is located on Oak Bay Avenue, just a few blocks from Beach Drive and Queen’s Park. This gallery has a nice balance of paintings, jewellry, sculpture, glass art, ceramics and stone carving. Some of the notable works include Kathi Bond who creates soapstone frogs that appear as if they are climbing onto a rock. Bi Yuan Cheng makes amazing acrylic on canvas paintings of forests and other landscapes. His use of atmospheric perspective gives his work an incredible depth and a glowing light that appears to be radiating from deep within the background.

Winchester Galleries

Winchester Galleries is also located on Oak Bay Ave, just down the street from The Avenue Gallery. This gallery contains the work of a large number of artists. Some of the Notable ones include famous Canadian abstract painters like Fernand Leduc and Claude Tousignant. Some of these are historic works that were originally exhibited years ago when these artists were in their prime. It also carries work by contemporary artists with established careers that create painted landscapes, figuratives, and abstract works.

Red Art Gallery

Another gallery located along Oak bay Avenue is Red Art Gallery. The location of these galleries so close together is very convenient, as you can visit them all in one trip and see the work of several different artists. This gallery primarily exhibits the work of Marion Evamy. If you stop into the gallery you might be able to see the artist working in studio on one of her animal, figurative, landscape, or abstract paintings.

Alcheringa Gallery

Alcheringa Gallery is a great place to go if you are looking for art and crafts created by indigenous people around the world. Here you can find Canadian First Nations art, African art, art of the south pacific, Australia and many other countries around the world. There are sculptures, carvings, jewelry, paintings, prints, baskets and more available.

Deluge Contemporary Art

Deluge Contemporary Art offers a range of artwork that includes video and installation art. They also have an online store that offers art for sale.

Creations Gallery

Creations Gallery showcases the work of Canadian artists that primarily work in sculpture. There are sculptures and carvings made from stone, wood, glass, and metal. Many of the artworks on display are intricately carved animal figures or scenes. Some of the artists that show work in this gallery include Michael Lord, David Clancy, and Vilem Zach. There is also a selection of inuit art on display.


POLYCHROME FINE ART exhibits the work of several contemporary artists. They work on display consists mainly of paintings. The gallery is located on Fort Street.

Hill’s Native Art

Hill’s Native Art specializes in First Nation art for sale. The arts and crafts at this location are created by people from west coast first nations as well as from the rest of Canada. The

With such a wealth of culture and being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Victoria is sure to satisfy anyone who visits. Whether you are on vacation or live in the city there is a wide range of galleries to buy art in. The selection of art provided by the galleries in Victoria has something for every taste. Historical pieces, First Nations art, large abstracts, realistic landscapes or figurative pieces are all well represented.

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