Art Galleries in Calgary Alberta Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a beautiful city at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Like it’s more northern sibling Edmonton, it has a wealth of artistic energy flowing through it. As the corporate hub of Canada’s oil and gas industry, Calgary has seen tremendous growth and investment. It’s downtown area is cosmopolitan with a wide array of pubs, cafes, shops, restaurants and art galleries. Here are some of the best art galleries in Calgary:

calgary art galleries
The beautiful skyline of Calgary.

Webster Galleries

Webster Galleries is located on 11th Ave SW. They have been in business for over 35 years. This gallery carries wide range of artwork in their large space. There is art for sale in a wide range of styles and media. Paintings, textile art, sculpture, jewellery, drawings and prints are available.

Gainsborough Galleries

Gainsborough Galleries has been exhibiting and selling art in Calgary for almost a hundred (!) years. Located in the heart down town Calgary they have a wide variety of art styles available. Most of their gallery artists work in painting, and their roster features many who specialize in art with themes of the Canadian west. This includes paintings of horses, ranchers, mountains, foothills, and other beautiful landscapes.

Stephen Lowe Art Gallery

Stephen Lowe Art Gallery carries works by contemporary painters, sculptures, and potters. It is located on the second floor of the Bow Valley Square III building.

Gibson Fine Art

Gibson Fine Art shows a wide range of artists with a focus on artists that come from Alberta. They have over 35 years of experience in the Calgary art market. They are located in the Calgary design district and exhibit artists that create a range of abstract, realistic, whimsical and expressive works.

Latitude Art Gallery

Latitude Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that showcases numerous painters as well as a few artists working in other media. Many of the works the carry are vivid, colorful, and expressive. This is a great place to look if you are looking for a bold abstract piece, or a colorful landscape that will stand out in your home or office.

Wallace Galleries

Wallace Galleries carries artists that mainly create abstract and landscape paintings. They also carry artists that work in other mediums like ceramics and prints. Located downtown they carry artists like Simon Andrew, Nancy Boyd, Robert Lemay, and Jim Stokes.

Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art

Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art is a great place to look if you want something cutting edge. As their name implies they show work that challenges the traditional notions of art. Painters, sculptors, photographers, and artists working in new media are represented. They are located on 11th Avenue SW in Calgary.

Masters Gallery

Masters Gallery carries work by both contemporary and historical artists. Their selection of historical work stretches back over a century and contains many notable artists from Canada. They also carry a selection of contemporary artists that are well know in the Canadian art world. This includes the artist Joe Farfard, known for his sculptures of cows.

Herringer Kiss Gallery

The Herringer Kiss Gallery is located on 11 Ave Southwest. It showcases contemporary art in a variety of media. The art on display and for sale includes paintings, sculpture, photographic, and mixed media. Their HK INCUBATOR is a unique project in Calgary that exhibits non traditional works.

Diana Paul Galleries

Diana Paul Galleries, located on 2nd Street SW, carries work with an emphasis on realistic paintings. This art gallery has paintings of landscapes, still lives, animals, flowers and more.

Editions Gallery

Editions Gallery has locations Accross Alberta. Their Edmonton location in West Edmonton Mall was mentioned in the story about art galleries in Edmonton. Editions is known for its selection of high quality giclees and lithographs. They also carry some sculptural work and original paintings. Some of the artists they carry include Michael Godard, Thomas Kinkade, Robert Bateman, Alexei Butirskiy, Gabe Leonard, Fabian Perez, Stickman, and Pino.

Avenida Art & Framing Gallery 

Avenida Art & Framing Gallery is located in Market Mall on Shaganapi Trail. They offer a full service custom frame shop and a selection of original art and high quality reproductions. Some of the artists that are available include Robert Bissell, Doug Bloodworth, Pino Daeni, and Simon Combes.

Paul Kuhn Gallery

The Paul Kuhn Gallery shows work by artists in different media. Their emphasis is on contemporary art. This gallery is located on 11th Ave SW.

Michelangelo Gallery of Fine Art & Framing

Michelangelo Gallery of Fine Art & Framing exhibits work by artists in a range of contemporary and traditional styles. They carry several landscape painters as well as some figurative and abstract artists. Some of their artist also work in sculpture. Artists include Todd Lachance, Uli Ostermann, Ken Faulks, and Keith Hiscock. The gallery is located on 17th Ave south-west and also features a full service frame shop.

The Collectors Gallery of Art

The Collectors Gallery of Art exhibits a wide range of art by historical and contemporary Canadian artists. They carry a large number of artists and there is a range of styles exhibited. This includes bold geometric abstracts by artist Bewabon Shilling to the subdued oil on linen pieces of Greg Edmonson.

Trepanier Baer Gallery

Trepanier Baer Gallery exhibits work that is at the leading edge of contemporary art in Calgary. Many of the artists they show work in non-traditional media. They are located at the corner of 8th Street SW and 10th Avenue SW.

Roberto Ostberg Gallery

Roberto Ostberg Gallery carries artwork by a range of contemporary artists that include painters, sculptors, and photographers.

Loch Gallery

The Loch Gallery carries historic artwork and work by established artists. This is THE place to go in Calgary if you are a serious collector and looking for something from a well known artist like Marc Chagall, Degas, or even Van Gogh. They also carry the “big names” of Canadian art history like Paul Kane, Tom Thompson, and Group of Seven artists like Lawren Harris.

Some other galleries to check out if you are in the city of Calgary.
Peter’s Gallery
Recherche Fine Art
Christine Klassen Gallery
Dean Miller Fine Arts Gallery
The Edge Gallery
Alez Gubski Gallery
Micah International
Gerry Thomas Art Gallery
Jarvis Hall Gallery
Galleria Inglewood
Levis Fine Art

Whether you are looking for cutting edge contemporary art or a history landscape painting of the rocky mountains, the city of Calgary has a wide range of commercial art galleries that can suit your needs. If you know of any other great galleries in this city, be sure to let us know in the comments below.