Sennelier Picasso Oil Pastel Set, 120 Count (Pack of 1), Multi Price: $238.16 (as of 08/04/2023 05:49 PST- Details)


  • High pigment load
  • Art history background
  • Unrivaled quality
  • Beautiful box


  • Can be expensive


Sennelier Oil Pastels 120 are one of the best pastel sets that you can buy. This set of 120 different shades of pastels was designed to give any artist a huge range of high quality colors to pick from. This set encompasses the entire line of sennelier oil pastels. It includes some of the original colors that Picasso picked. More recently metallic and iridescent colors have been added. There are also other new pigments that are added to the range that incorporate modern pigments.

Sennelier Oil Pastel Sets – $294.53
sennelier oil pastels 120
from: Blick Art Materials

What is Sennelier?

Sennelier was founded in Paris in 1887 by a french chemist. He opened a store to sell high quality pigments and paints to Paris’s thriving art scene. As the years progress other mediums besides oil paint were also added to the product line. Sennelier oil pastels were initially created specifically for Pablo Picasso. Picasso wanted to be work on a variety of surfaces and not have to use a paint brush. So Sennelier created oil pastels just for him! They proved to be such a hit that today oil pastels can be found in artists studios world wide. Sennelier oil pastels are still world renowned for their superior quality. In fact Sennelier pastels have more pigment in them then any other oil pastels. Their pastels are also lightfast so you don’t need to worry above the archival quality of your work. They can also be thinned with turpentine so you can create all kind of cool effects.

Sennelier oil pastels have been used by many famous artists. These include many famous french impressionists and post-impressionists like Cézanne, Gauguin, Monet, and Bonnard. Soutine and Modigliani were also known to have used them.

What are Oil Pastels?

oil pastels
Race Horses, Edgar Degas, Pastel, c.1873

Oil pastels differ from traditional soft pastels in that they incorporate an non-drying oil in them. These makes them behave less like chalk and actually more like oil paint. This is especially true if they are layered on thickly. Some artists even call their pastel works “paintings”. One notable feature of oil pastels is that they never dry. So the finished work needs to be protected some how.

What are some of my favorite colors from the Sennelier oil pastels 120 set?

The full range of Sennelier oil pastels 120 is incredible. I am particularly fond of some of the original colors they created. These are usually denoted by having lower numbers. Many of these original colors use the same pigments that traditional oil paint uses. Here are some of the colors that really caught my eye.

No. 27: Purple

Sennelier Oil Pastels – $3.19

from: Blick Art Materials

This is a beautiful pinkish purple. It would be great for drawing flowers or contrasting with a warm yellow.

No. 31: Ruby Red

Sennelier Oil Pastels – $3.19

from: Blick Art Materials

A beautiful warm shade of slightly brownish red. Great for adding warmth to different areas of a drawing.

No. 229: English Grey

Sennelier Oil Pastels Grand and Sets – $9.75

from: Blick Art Materials

This is a very pretty light blue. It would be great for drawings of warm summer skies and reflections in water.

No. 232: Terra Cotta

Sennelier Oil Pastels Grand and Sets – $9.75

from: Blick Art Materials

This is a very warm, almost orange flesh tone. It would be great for adding warmth to figure studies and portraits.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can see all of the colors included in the entire Sennelier Oil Pastels 120 wooden box set.

Some of the Other Sennelier Oil Pastels Sets

While the Sennelier Oil Pastels 120 set is massive and will probably give you all you need to create, there are also a number of smaller sets. These are some of my favorites.

Sennelier Oil Pastels 6 Color Discovery Set

Sennelier Oil Pastel Sets – $11.81

from: Blick Art Materials

The six color discovery set is a great introduction to oil pastels. If you have never used them before then this is a perfect way to try your hand. The set includes the main colors you need to start. It is always easy to add more colors later if you want because the pastels are also sold individually. It is also a great way to learn how to mix colors with pastels.

Sennelier Oil Pastels 50 Wooden Box Set

Sennelier Oil Pastel Sets – $142.07

from: Blick Art Materials

If you aren’t quite ready to spring for the full Sennelier oil pastels 120 wooden box set then this is an amazing compromise. It contains 50 of the most popular and common colors. This set should allow you to draw a very wide range of colors. But you can always add a few extra colors individually if one catches your eye.

Sennelier Oil Pastels Grand 36 Set

Sennelier Oil Pastels Grand and Sets – $290.95

from: Blick Art Materials

This set includes 36 of Sennelier’s Grand oil pastels. These are larger then the traditional crayon size. They are perfect for larger scale works or covering large background areas. It includes a perfect balance of colors suitable for a variety of subjects. Everything from portraits, to landscapes, to abstracts would be possible with this set of Sennelier oil pastels.


It is no surprise that Sennelier pastels are the standard for quality. The sennelier oil pastels 120 wooden box set is the absolute cream of the crop. It gives you access to their entire range of colors. This is definitely a product that is worth adding to your artist tool box.

The Sennelier Oil Pastels 120 Colors

  • No. 221 Transparent Medium
  • No. 31 Ruby Red
  • No. 207 Ash Blue
  • No. 5 Ultramarine Blue
  • No. 42 Cinnabar Green Yellow
  • No. 94 Brown Pink
  • No. 32 Venetian Red
  • No. 12 Deep Grey
  • No. 228 Charcoal
  • No. 92 Brown Madder
  • No. 210 Olive Brown
  • No. 234 Permanent Green Light
  • No. 7 Prussian Blue
  • No. 226 Sky Blue
  • No. 30 Red Deep
  • No. 1 White
  • No. 21 Naples Yellow
  • No. 8 Bordeaux
  • No. 3 Cerulean Blue
  • No. 80 Indigo Light
  • No. 45 Green Medium
  • No. 93 Sennelier Brown Light
  • No. 36 Burnt Sienna
  • No. 96 Paynes Grey
  • No. 98 Mars Black
  • No. 35 Raw Umber
  • No. 238 Orange Ochre
  • No. 41 Cinnabar Green Deep
  • No. 206 Turquoise Blue
  • No. 219 Celestial Blue
  • No. 230 Rose Ochre
  • No. 201 Nickel Yellow
  • No. 19 Lemon Yellow
  • No. 236 Coral
  • No. 222 Phtalo Blue
  • No. 82 Bright Turquoise
  • No. 44 Viridian Green
  • No. 25 Flesh Ochre
  • No. 34 Burnt Umber
  • No. 23 Black
  • No. 125 Iridescent White
  • No. 33 Sepia
  • No. 232 Terra Cotta
  • No. 85 Chrome Green Medium
  • No. 218 Prussian Green
  • No. 75 Blue Alizarin Lake
  • No. 202 Geranium Lake Light
  • No. 22 Gold Yellow
  • No. 74 Yellow Lake
  • No. 28 Pink
  • No. 211 Midnight Blue
  • No. 214 Celadon Green
  • No. 213 Pine Green
  • No. 231 Gold Brown
  • No. 223 Cold Grey
  • No. 111 Aluminum
  • No. 112 Pale Gold
  • No. 11 Blue Grey
  • No. 240 Light English Red
  • No. 39 Chromium Green Deep
  • No. 72 Green Yellow Light
  • No. 2 Azure Blue
  • No. 27 Purple
  • No. 20 Yellow Deep
  • No. 233 Luminous Yellow
  • No. 77 Pale Pink Madder Lake
  • No. 84 Blue Chromium Green
  • No. 205 Moss Green
  • No. 235 Charcoal Blue
  • No. 209 Violet Ochre
  • No. 14 Light Grey
  • No. 113 Rich Pale Gold
  • No. 114 Rich Gold
  • No. 229 English Grey
  • No. 212 Mummy
  • No. 87 Sap Green
  • No. 40 Barite Green
  • No. 6 Pale Blue
  • No. 95 Cobalt Violet Light Hue
  • No. 18 Bright Yellow
  • No. 200 Mandarin
  • No. 217 Cobalt Violet Light
  • No. 225 Indian Blue
  • No. 43 Cobalt Green Light
  • No. 99 Titanium Buff
  • No. 26 Yellow Ochre
  • No. 13 Yellow Grey
  • No. 132 Golden Pearl
  • No. 115 Red Copper
  • No. 16 Grey Green
  • No. 208 Mars Orange
  • No. 242 Chrome Brown
  • No. 46 Olive Green
  • No. 203 Delft Blue
  • No. 216 Parma Violet
  • No. 90 Chinese Orange
  • No. 38 Vermillion
  • No. 47 Blue Violet
  • No. 227 Royal Blue
  • No. 88 Sap Green Light
  • No. 241 Brown Ochre
  • No. 37 Raw Sienna
  • No. 15 Reddish Brown Grey
  • No. 134 Red Gold
  • No. 135 Reddish Brown Gold
  • No. 224 Medium Grey
  • No. 91 Chrome Red
  • No. 215 Havana Ochre
  • No. 86 Phtalo Green Light
  • No. 4 Cobalt Blue
  • No. 76 Violet Alizarin Lake
  • No. 29 Red Light
  • No. 220 Permanent Intense Red
  • No. 48 Red Violet
  • No. 237 French Ultramarine Blue
  • No. 204 Cinnabar Yellow Brown
  • No. 243 Earth Brown
  • No. 239 Red Brown
  • No. 17 Violet Grey
  • No. 123 Transparent Blue

You can also take a look at the color chart here.

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