Gamblin Oil Painting Ground Review


  • Easy to apply
  • Quick drying
  • Flexible
  • Only requires two-coats


  • Only available in white


Gamblin Oil Painting ground combines alkyd resin, titanium white pigment, and calcium carbonate. These components are pre-mixed into a durable, quick-drying, and easy-to-apply formula.

The Importance Of Using An Oil Ground

An oil ground provides a strong base for the rest of your oil painting to be built on. It is applied to the canvas, and provides a “tooth” that the oil paint can adhere to. It provides a structural link between the sized canvas and the painting itself. If desired, it can also provide a vibrant white and reflective base. This allows increased luminosity when glazes and transparent colors are used in the painting.

What We Like About It

Gamblin Oil Painting Ground 32 oz. (Kitchen)

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What We Don’t Like About It

This is an incredible product. One downside I have found is that it only comes in white. While this is not just limited to the gamblin product, but all readily available pre-made oil based grounds. The white is great if you are painting with lots of glazes or other styles that benefit from the increased luminosity. If you are working in a style that involves scratching away layers of paint to reveal lower layers, or the ground, it can prove more difficult. If having a toned ground is important to you, you really have two options. One, you can make your own ground using raw pigments like Odd Nerdrum does. While this works, it can be time consuming to find the ingredients, and make the mix. It also requires that you know what you are doing. The ground is one of the most important parts of your paintings. It is akin to the foundation of a sky scraper, so it is important that it is build properly. The other, much easier solution, is to apply a thin layer of paint over the white ground. Also known as an imprimatura, it has been used for centuries, and it is what I do quite often. This involves applying a semi-transparent and toned stain of thinned oil paint to the dried oil ground.

How To Use It


applying oil ground
Applying a thin first coat Gamblin Oil Ground with a putty knife.


gamblin oil ground
A freshly applied first coat of Gamblin Oil Ground.

Other Product Alternatives


Winsor & Newton Oil Painting Primer. text

An acrylic gesso like Golden Gesso. text

Williamsburg Lead Oil Ground. text

Williamsburg Titanium Oil Ground. text

Gamblin Traditional Gesso. text

Utrecht Oil Priming White. text

Making Your Own Ground. This will require oil, pigment, and a inert filler. This comes in many forms including chalk, calcium cabonate, french whiting, and marble dust.



Gamblin Oil Painting Ground 32 oz. (Kitchen)

List Price: $34.81 USD
New From: $34.81 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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