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How to Paint Your Way Out of Stress

Do you feel like life has you stressed out all the time? Do you need a break? Here is your way to paint yourself out of stress.

Life stressing you out? Need a break? Tired of the adult coloring book craze and looking for something different?

Research is in. We’re a really stressed-out nation, with 75% of adults reporting high levels of stress over the past year.

You probably already realize the importance of routine self-care and relaxation, but did you know just how effective painting your way out of stress can be?

More research is in- just 45 minutes of painting can significantly lower cortisol levels.

And, yes, we might be artsy around here, but we appreciate good science when we see it. Especially when it reinforces our creative flow!

Let’s begin!

How to Paint Your Way Out of Stress

Next time, you’re feeling on the verge of a stress breakdown or simply just need to decompress, look no further than your trusty canvases and acrylic paint set.

If you are starting from scratch, we recommend you check out some of our art supply archives to get started.

We promise, it’s not complicated. Getting started on your path towards zen is simpler than you think. It basically requires three products:

  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Brushes

Remember, this is just the starting point. Within these three product categories, you have endless options and possibilities to level up your skills and even create your next beautiful masterpiece.

Let’s talk about the paint (you know, the pretty, fun stuff).

If you are just starting out, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different types of paint.

Want our take? We feel partial acrylic paint and acrylic paint sets because they are easily mixable and can be added with a variety of different mediums. This kind of paint also dries quickly, which allows you to create multiple layers.

Furthermore, acrylic paint is highly flexible and versatile, with options for special pigmentation, which enhance your range of color.

We also love the seemingly endless array of mediums, gels, and additives.

I have my materials! I’m ready to start painting my way out of stress! What’s next?

First of all, START (yes, we know this can be the hardest part).

Get out of your own head, lift up your paintbrush, and let your hands do the talking.

We recommend that you do your best to let go of expectations or preconceived beliefs about what good art “should” look like, and just focus on enjoying the process. Remember, you’re painting your way out of stress!

If you just so happen to make a masterpiece…well, we promise we’ll only take a little credit for that!

What if I’m not very good at this?

That’s ok! This isn’t about talent or skill or even having expert knowledge.

Remember when you were a kid and you just kind of scribbled around? Go back to that!

This process is all about letting go, relaxing, and releasing stress. It’s about meeting the acrylic or the oil to the canvas, about creating your own story out of color.

In fact, paint outside the lines. There, we said it!

And, we’ll be honest: we would love to be part of your creative journey towards painting your way out of stress. If you’re in search of the right paint or paintbrush, we recommend you start your search here!