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Get Colorful: 3 Acrylic Crafts For Children

If your children enjoy painting, they’ll love painting with acrylics. Keep reading to learn more about 3 acrylic crafts for children to try today.

Let’s face it: kids can be messy! Spaghetti sauce art on your dining room table, muddy hands at the doctor’s office, or grass clippings spread all over the carpet. It’s an impossible task to keep those little ones from making a mess.

But did you know that kids use their hands to explore their environments? What we see as “messes” are really just creative outlets for kids to better understand their world.

Studies show that kids who grow up exercising their creativity are smarter and happier. So we certainly don’t want to restrict our kids’ creativity!

In lieu of spaghetti sauce and muddy puddles, introduce your little ones to acrylic crafts and paints. Kids can use acrylic to paint on just about anything: paper, glass, wood, or plastic. This makes it a versatile option for any creative project!

Below are several options for acrylic crafts that your kids will love!

Paper Plate Animals

What’s your child’s favorite animal or cartoon character? Using paper plates and a pair of scissors, trace and cut out the different pieces for the character’s head: eyes, nose, ears, hair, etc. Anything with whiskers is a fun choice!

Paint each cut-out and then take a second plate and roll it into a cone so that it stands upright. Glue the pieces onto the plate and paint with acrylics in whatever colors your child wants!

It’s a lifelike character made by them – perfect to set on a clothes dresser or counter top! Who knew acrylic crafts could be so cute?

Garden Rocks & Ceramic Plant Pots

The options here are endless!

What better way to teach a child about gardening than have them paint their own planting pots? These pots are small and inexpensive at any home improvement store, and kids can have loads of fun painting colorful designs with acrylic paint.

Even consider planting herbs in each pot, and using the paint to label each pot with the herb name.

Garden rocks are fun, too. Think ladybugs, spiders, or school mascots. Your child could even paint easter eggs on the rocks – which would make the most fun easter egg hunt you’ve ever had (and these eggs don’t get smelly!)

Let them get a little crazy with colors of their crafts, too. Kids relate to colors better than many adults.

Cookie Cutters Are Great for Acrylic Crafts

Take an old, stale loaf of bread and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes. This is especially great for holidays – there are plenty of cookie cutters in the shape of Christmas trees, stars, etc. Once the bread cutouts have dried, put your kiddos to work with the acrylic paints!

They can decorate them however they like.

Cookie cutters and acrylic paints would also work for clay or flour-based dough cutouts. As we said, these crafts are so versatile!

There are several tips when using acrylic paints, so don’t forget to give yourself a primer before getting started.

You can’t go wrong with acrylic crafts, and your kiddos will love the options available for them to be colorful, creative, and, yes, MESSY!