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Art Needs a Platform: How to Select the Right Art Canvas

Every artist needs the right platform to work on. With so many canvases available, this will help any artist to select the right art canvas for them.

Is my art canvas choice hindering my artwork?

What is your process when it is time to select a canvas for your next piece? Are you familiar with all the different options out there? Are you selling yourself short by sticking to what you know?

Often entry-level artists aren’t aware of which type of canvas will best fit their needs because they haven’t experimented yet! The type of art canvas that you are working on can completely change the way that your artwork turns out.

Check out this list to learn about what type of canvas is right for you!


Linen canvases are considered to be the ultimate. They are more durable than cotton and absorb less, therefore linen tends to wear better than some other materials.

Due to the fact that linen is better at withstanding the test of time, it is very popular among artists that are looking for permanence. If you want your piece to look exactly like the day you finished it, in 50 years, then you may want to select linen are you art canvas of choice.

Due to the fact that linen is considered to be more high end, it tends to run a bit higher in price. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.


Cotton fibers have more stretch than linen which means they are more flexible to work with. Cotton is super absorbent and tends to expand and contract with moisture.

The advantage of cotton canvases is that they are more affordable. If the price is your determining factor you may want to select cotton.

Stretched Canvas

Stretched art canvas is the most popular as it comes with a bit of ease. When purchasing a stretch canvas, you receive the material (linen, cotton, etc.) stretched over a wooden frame and treated with a primer that makes it immediately ready for painting.

Stretched canvas is reasonable in price and you can choose from a variety of different sizes and materials.

These canvases even vary in depth, meaning you should keep in mind whether or not you plan to utilize the sides of the canvas as well.

Stretched canvas is the best option for beginners.

Canvas Panels

Art canvas panels are basically just a cheaper version of stretched canvas.  Canvas panels are heavy-card or wood to which the linen or cotton is glued.

A cool thing about canvas panels is that once they are completed they can be framed for hanging. This gives your artwork a totally different look than stretched canvas.

Canvas panels are also cheaper than stretched canvas.

Canvas Rolls

Canvas rolls require a bit more effort because the artist is responsible for the assembly and priming. They are, however, the cheapest option.

After buying a roll of linen or cotton canvas the next step would be to stretch it. Some artists prefer rolled canvas if they are doing abstract shapes.

Another cool benefit of rolled canvas is that you can unroll the canvas on the floor and immediately get to painting!

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