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5 Craft Stores to Shop at on a Budget

Do you love shopping for new craft supplies, while simultaneously maximizing your budget? Look no further! Check out 5 craft stores for your next shopping trip.

Do you ever hear the words “starving artist” and laugh to yourself?

The crafting and hobby industry rakes in over $30 billion in annual revenue. If only your friends knew how much of that was from your monthly shopping at craft stores!

Next time you’re replenishing your art supplies, try one of these five budget-friendly craft stores.

Save On Crafts – Online Convenience

Save On Crafts has everything you need for most small to medium sized craft projects, all online with easy delivery. The Amazon of craft stores!

They feature a lot of higher-end home decor and wedding project pieces for creating trendy events.

While they don’t sell painting supplies, they’re a great place to look for items to decorate with paint, like wood rounds or storage crates.

Oriental Trading – Scrapbooker’s Paradise

Oriental Trading is well known for their wide range of paper supplies. They also sell scrapbook necessities like beads, washi tape, embellishments, and ribbon.

This is a great site for party decor and kids craft ideas, like this DIY slime project. You can find projects to keep kids busy all summer.

They also have a decent art supplies section for all types of paint, brushes, and canvasses.

JoAnn – More Than a Fabric Store

If you’re into sewing, this is your new home!

Best known for their extensive fabric selection, JoAnn has expanded into all types of crafts. They have everything from home decor and weddings to kids’ projects.

They have dedicated sections for soap making, paper mache, mason jar crafting and many other hobbies.

Their website features exclusive coupons, in-store pickup, and free shipping to make your next supply run painless.

Hobby Lobby – Wedding DIY Central

This is one of the first places brides-to-be go for DIY wedding project supplies. But they carry more than just wedding supplies.

For painters, they’re an excellent source for affordable canvasses and surfaces.

Want to learn how to paint? Check out our painting tutorials.

For home decor projects, their rustic industrial section is on trend. You don’t even have to do anything with many pieces in the store except bring it home and find a spot for it.

But for the true crafter, there are plenty of projects to discover in their DIY video gallery.

You can order online, or shop at one of their craft store locations throughout the United States.

Dollar Craft Stores – Unbeatable Value

Don’t underestimate your local dollar store for cheap craft supplies! Nationwide chains like Dollar Tree or Dollar General have great prices on essential supplies.

Some ideas for craft supplies you can get at your local dollar store are:

  • Glass vases, jars or votives
  • Paper
  • Scissors/X-Acto knives
  • Glue and tape
  • Pens, markers, and crayons
  • Poster boards
  • Candles
  • Twine or string
  • Tissue and wrapping paper
  • Photo frames

You can leave the fancy stuff to the pro craft stores, but stock up on your basics here!

Where Do You Shop?

Which craft stores do you shop at for art supplies, either online or in person? Any tips for scoring the best deals?

Share them with us in the comments!