100+ Great Places To Buy Art Online

A few years ago if you wanted and original painting or even a print, the only way to get it was to either go to a gallery or know an artist. Today, the art market is shifting like other businesses to take place online. It is now possible to see high resolution files of pieces that you would like to purchase. Some of these sites are set up like your traditional online store, while other have an auction system. Another style of online art shop is the marketplace. This follows the model of Alibaba or Amazon and allows you to buy directly from the artists. The central marketplace processes your order and payment. Then the artist ships the work directly to you. I have included sites that have a wide range of price points, from prints to high-end investment grade originals by well known artists. Here are the sites in no particular order:

  1. CJR Fine Arts. CJR Fine Arts & Frame offers an online store as well as a bricks-and-mortar store with full service frame shop located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Some of the artist available in the store include Ferjo and Shawn Mackey. CJR’s website contains original pieces as well as high quality reproductions.
  2. Artplode is an online art marketplace that connects collectors and artists directly. This avoids the commission fees that are often charged by galleries.
  3. Qart offers a work by a variety of artists. Their site is unique in that the art is available on auction. Bidding on artwork that you love is a great way to find a good deal on a high quality piece of art.
  4. Art.com Visit www.art.com to decorate your home. As the name suggests, this online store specializes in Art. The type of art feature is posters, open and limited editions of artworks. This is a great place to look if you want a Picasso, Monet, or Van Gogh but don’t have a budget in the tens or hundreds of million dollars. Some of the most famous paintings by these artists can be found.
  5. AllPosters.com is a sister site to Art.com they offer reproductions of thousands of artworks available in poster format.
  6. Saatchi Art is the market leader in artist marketplaces. On this site, artists list their own work for sale, and buyers can browse countless pieces by many emerging artists.
  7. Etsy is an enormously popular online marketplace for arts and crafts. There are a wide variety of craftspeople, and artisans that offer their work for sale. Some of the popular items for sale include handmade and vintage pieces. The site is more well known for it’s handy crafts, but there are paintings, sculptures and photography available on the site.
  8. Artmonious is a social network that connects artists and collectors. They offer a unique approach that allows collectors to swipe left or right on pieces of art that they like or dislike. 
  9. Artsy is partners with major art galleries and museums to provide a listings for thousands of artworks. The site provides a wealth of information as well as connecting buyers to galleries that sell the artwork.
  10. Great Big Canvas is an online store the specializes in prints and reproductions. The thing that makes this site unique is that it focuses on large scale prints. This type of artwork is perfect for large walls and modern homes with many open spaces.
  11. Society6
  12. Art Brokerage
  13. Kijiji
  14. Craigslist
  15. Ebay
  16. Instagram
  17. Facebook
  18. Twitter
  19. Linkedin
  20. Snapchat
  21. YouTube
  22. Artfinder
  23. Artailer.com
  24. Zatista
  25. Ugallery
  26. Artspan
  27. Artgallery.co.uk
  28. Rippingham Art
  29. The Art World
  30. DegreeArt
  31. Lofty.com
  32. Artmajeur.com
  33. New Blood Art
  34. Gallery Today
  35. Art2Arts
  36. Art Mine Agora Gallery
  37. Dolphin Galleries
  38. The Atkinson-O’Rourke Gallery
  39. Petri’s Fine Art
  40. Rise Art
  41. Third Dimension Gallery
  42. Paragon Fine Art
  43. An Artist’s Email Newsletter
  44. Artists and Illustrators
  45. Deviant Art
  46. Art Click Ireland
  47. StateoftheART
  48. United Artworks
  49. Wayfair
  50. Artshow
  51. Art to Art
  52. OAC Gallery
  53. ArteBooking
  54. Absolute Arts
  55. The Other Art Fair
  56. Walton Fine Arts
  57. The NZ Art Show
  58. ArtWeb
  59. BlueThumb
  60. Original Art Online
  61. Wychwood Art
  62. Artnet
  63. Ikea
  64. Amazon.com
  65. Restoration Hardware
  66. Fine Art America
  67. StateoftheART
  68. Abstract Original Art
  69. Artist Rising
  70. ScotlandArt.com
  71. Poba
  72. Art Republic
  73. Artfix.ca
  74. Bert Green Fine Art
  75. Mammoth & Co.
  76. Picture This Gallery
  77. Editions Gallery
  78. The Met Museum Store
  79. Art West
  80. Ruby Lane
  81. Rochester Contemporary Art Centre
  82. London Art
  83. 5 Pieces Gallery
  84. Mitchell Fine Art
  85. U Can Buy Art
  86. Fine Art Mart
  87. Masterworks Fine Art
  88. 1st Dibs
  89. Fine Art World
  90. ABC Fine Art
  91. Fine Art Bistro
  92. Invaluable
  93. The Art Shop
  94. London Row Fine Art
  95. Artistica
  96. Artelista
  97. Individual Artists Websites Some popular one include: Peter Lik, Thomas Kinkade, and Jack Vettriano
  98. Chelmer Fine Art Galleries
  99. The Untapped Source
  100. York Fine Arts
  101. OAC Gallery
  102. Art Galore
  103. Jacana Contemporary Art
  104. Artscoops

If you know of any other great platforms that offer fine art for sale, or if you have had experiences with any of these sites share in the comments.